Sentry Air Systems, Inc.

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Contact: Omar Ilsever
Phone: 1-800-799-4609


Sentry Air Systems, Inc.
21221 FM 529 Rd
Cypress TX 77433
United States
Founded in 1983, Sentry Air Systems designs and manufactures high quality air purification systems in order to provide engineering control devices for clean air for a variety of applications. Our patented line of quiet, compact and durable air cleaners offers simple and effective solutions to control and extract harmful fumes and particulates in the workplace environment. Our diverse line of fume extractors includes floor, benchtop, mounted, and portable units as well as solutions for mist collection, portable clean rooms, and ductless/ducted fume hoods. Our products can be utilized in various applications including but not limited to: welding, soldering, manufacturing, laboratory and pharmaceutical operations. Most products have the option of high quality filters including ULPA, HEPA, ASHRAE, Carbon, Acid Gas and other specialty blended filters. At Sentry Air, we stringently test our filter media against a variety of chemicals and use only flame retardant materials to improve safety.
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