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Contact: Trevor Neilson
Phone: 1-866-494-4599


2807 Samoset Rd.
Royal Oak MI 48073
United States
We are the respiratory protection specialists, dedicated to protecting people for life’s best moments. For decades, the GVS-RPB team have worked to develop a comprehensive range of the world’s best negative pressure tight-fitting, and loose-fitting positive pressure (powered & supplied air) respirators. We continue to be devoted to the advancement of filtration and respiratory protection technologies. With innovation, end user input, and our commitment to safety, we completely revolutionize people’s breathing experience by prioritizing comfort with safety. It's our mission to ensure everyone makes it home safely each day, to the people and the moments that matter most.


RPB Safety LLC


RPB Blasting Industry Brochure

Through years of industry insight, end user's input and working with the world’s leading engineers, we have revolutionized the way blasters experience their day at work. Incorporating critical safety features, with added comfort and functionality, RPB advances your safety and increases your productivity. Our range covers every operator, from the pioneering blasting classic, the Nova 2000®, to the world’s most comfortable respirator, the Nova 3®, RPB is for you.


RPB Fabrication Industry Brochure

The RPB Fabrication and Welding Range is the world’s most advanced protection for industry professionals. Consisting of supplied and powered air respirators, air monitoring, filtration and safety essentials, RPB takes care of your safety, so you can focus on the job at hand. As we embark on a new frontier in respiratory protection, join the movement to build a better, safer, healthier future for the next generation of industrial workers.


RPB Painting Industry Brochure

The RPB Painting and Coating range is the world’s most advanced protection for industry professionals, consisting of supplied and powered air respirators, air monitoring and filtration systems and safety essentials. RPB takes care of your safety, so you can focus on the task at hand.


RPB Healthcare Industry Brochure

Our Healthcare and Life Sciences range has been designed to maximize your experience of comfort and safety, through ensuring the product is lightweight, robust and ergonomic. The RPB range provides you with uninterrupted breathing support, allowing you to focus on what you love most, helping.

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