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Contact: Matt Lee
Title: Marketing Manager
Phone: (512) 598-5533


301 Greenwood Ave
Midland Park NJ 07432
United States
HafcoVac is a product line of Hafco Foundry. Hafco Foundry is located in Midland Park, New Jersey. Founded in 1969, Hafco Foundry manufactures and distributes a variety of vacuum cleaner units and accessories that are perfectly adapted to the heavy duty requirements of industrial and machining cleanup. Our company Hafco, a family Business, was founded in 1969 and began in the Foundry business. HafcoVac has been selling industrial pneumatic vacuums for 15 years. Our Compressed air vacuums are Certified for Combustible Dust and use in Hazardous Environments. Every vacuum comes complete with Certified HEPA Filtration as well as an industry leading Noise Compliant Silencer. The HafcoVac has a LIFETIME Warranty and is Made in the USA.
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