LIFE Corporation

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Contact: Carly Statza
Title: Marketing Director
Phone: (800) 700-0202


LIFE Corporation
1776 North Water Street
Milwaukee WI 53202
United States
LIFE®OxygenPac, LIFE®SoftPac, and LIFE®StartSystem are portable, wall mounted Emergency Oxygen units for onsite first-aid and safety programs. The units feature constant reading supply gauges with simple full-to-empty symbols, always visible through a clear window, and regulators that provide the regulatory minimum of 6 LPM, and 12 LPM (NORM & HIGH) to deliver the AHA recommended 100% inspired oxygen. The disposable/replaceable (or refillable) aluminum cylinders are filled with LIFE® USP Grade pure Medical Oxygen which is safe, stable, does not expire, and provides oxygen delivery at all temperatures. The LIFE®CPR Mask universally fits adult and child. All units are shipped full, ready to use. A wide range of markets include but are not limited to: industrial, office, and government workplaces, athletic facilities, ocean vessels, mining, schools, dental and doctor offices, etc.
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