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Contact: Avetta Marketing
Title: Marketing/Sales
Phone: (949) 936-4500


549 E Timpanogos Pkwy bldg g
Orem UT 84097
United States
Avetta connects the world’s leading organizations with qualified suppliers, contractors, and vendors. We bring unmatched visibility to your company through cloud-based technology and human insight. As a result, we foster sustainable growth for your business, as well as your supply chain. Our SaaS subscription software is highly adaptive, and our process includes a collaborative effort to clearly understand your requirements and needs. We are a global resource to 300 clients and 100k+ suppliers, resulting in 350k active connections. With clients and suppliers in over 100 countries, we are building the connections that build the world. We are on a mission to enable partnerships between clients and suppliers to make global supply chain sustainability the new reality of doing business. Our vision is to create safe and sustainable supply chains through a transparent, global network of clients and suppliers. Through our next generation SaaS platform, we collect, verify, and monitor a broad base of critical data to reduce risk and optimize efficiency. With Avetta, clients and suppliers build trustworthy partnerships that grow their business in a complex world. Our ambition is to achieve positive change thanks to our dedication to producing excellent results, our commitment to accountability, as well as our inner drive and intent to raising industry standards.




Health, Safety, and Sustainability White Papers

To improve long-term health and safety performance, organizations must look past their own corporate culture and into the supply chain. Through careful audits and assessments, they must evaluate and partner with the goal of aligning themselves to contractors who share similar values and safety culture. Avetta connects organizations with qualified suppliers. We have collected, and continue to collect, a wealth of data to provide customers with a true picture of the risk profile of suppliers and contractors. We probe contractors to get an accurate sense of management engagement and culture and then use secondary resources to support that information. These resources provided by Avetta will provide in-depth information on health, safety, and sustainability-related topics.



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