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Contact: Herbert Post
Title: Manager
Phone: (316) 2471270


2300 West Sahara Ave.
STE 800
Las Vegas NV 89102
United States
TRADESAFE is a trusted and industry-leading industrial Lockout Tagout safety supplier. We are based and owned in the USA. Safety is of course a serious matter, especially when you're putting in grueling hours out on hazardous work sites. Inspired by those who clock in early, hit the ground running and don't leave until the job's done, we're out to prove any and every industrial trade can be safe. Our team is made up of devoted professionals who ask simple questions and find sound solutions to your safety compliance needs. We proudly supply both commercial buyers and private consumers with premium grade lockout tagout supplies and industrial safety equipment. Designed to give you and your team members peace of mind when working in potentially dangerous conditions, our locking gear is reliably strong, remarkably sturdy and ready to exceed your expectations. Shield yourself and others from the hidden dangers that lurk at industrial job sites with our high performance safety locks, tags and accessories. Locking and tagging machinery, switches, circuit breakers, valves, and other potential hazards with our lockout gear is a practice proven to lessen the risk of injury by preventing unexpected startups and while keeping you compliant with OSHA requirements. We supply a wide variety of products to assist in your industrial safety needs and serve countless businesses and industries across the country as a reliable safety partner. Shop our all-in-one lockout kits to expand and enhance safety protocols at commercial sites, residential sites or industrial work sites. Made with the highest integrity and standards and backed by a satisfaction guarantee, our safety products are the ones preferred by industrial professionals. Quality Although we are regarded as a top tier lockout tagout supplier, improvement is part of our DNA. Every day we work to build on the successful solutions of the past to make them every better. We strive to provide the best-engineered products made from the highest quality materials and never settle for anything but the finest solution to your safety requirements. Padlock sets: Not only do our TradeSafe lockout/tagout locks ensure that they meet OSHA 1910.147 standards, but they also exceed those regulations by using only the finest quality materials to keep your workplace safe and protected. We keep moving forward to equip you with the best quality of security locks out there. We take durability, low conductivity, and corrosion resistance seriously and continue to work on enhancing our products. We have a highly praised track record and the trust of thousands of businesses in the USA to give you products that will last longer. TradeSafe LOTO locks are constructed here in the United States through a precision process. This makes our padlock bodies seamless, delivering a smooth, thermoplastic unibody along with a durable stainless steel shackle and a premium quality brass safety cylinder. Only when locked can the key be removed due to our important key retaining feature. With increased long-term durability, our top-notch LOTO locks decrease internal noise and rattling. We also include a writable label for necessary notes. To meet your business needs, our TradeSafe lockout/tagout locks are offered as keyed alike or keyed differently. We also provide either one (1) key or two (2) keys per padlock to give you what’s perfect for the job. Our padlock body options come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and black to help locate and differentiate between locks. TradeSafe is here to give you the very best LOTO locks out there! LOTO Kits: Our Lockout Tagout products comply with OSHA standard 1919.147 (Control of Hazardous Energy) which is a comprehensive outline for safety requirements and all TRADESAFE safety padlocks & devices meet. With a sense of pride, we can say that our products prevent countless accidental startups during repair or maintenance every day. Each lock comes keyed differently, with only one key, and has a key retaining feature – all of which is not only an OSHA requirement for proper compliance, but is well known to reduce accidents from process errors. Locking and tagging machinery, switches, circuit breakers, valves, and other potential hazards with our lockout gear is a practice proven to lessen the risk of injury by preventing unexpected startups and while keeping you compliant with OSHA requirements We believe in only producing the highest standard of safety locking devices. Specifically developed for low conductivity and corrosion resistance. Our locks contain non-conductive thermoplastic, which also makes them lightweight, core made of solid brass, and shackle of stainless steel – both resistant to chemicals & moisture, ideal for industrial environments, and perfect for all safety lockout applications. TRADESAFE provides lockout / tagout Tags: Our safety products comply with and work wonderfully in conjunction with internal programs designed to eliminate hazards and any comprehensive outline for safety requirements. Our tags inform team members, maintenance managers, mechanics, operators, and safety personnel of safe use or potential non-compliance. Each tag comes in a box and with 30 nylon OSHA compliant 'attachment' ties that are 'non-reusable type, attachable by hand, self-locking, and non-releasable with a minimum unlocking strength of no less than 50 pounds'.
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