Peerless Performance

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Contact: Cokkie Eaker
Title: Account Manager
Phone: 847-682-7656


Peerless Performance
9040 Roswell Rd
Ste 460
Atlanta GA 30350
United States
Promoting safety and wellness for employees at any level. Engaging employees and managers to make the right choices. No up front cost to run a (OSHA compliant) safety incentive program. Together we figure out the Key Performance Indicators and we monitor these leading indicators throughout the program to make sure you come out ahead with a measurable ROI. Reports plenty, online or via Mobile App engagement - working from home, virtual, or at the facility. We will work with you! Free demo and free consultation. Call Cokkie Eaker at 847-682-7656, cell (Atlanta, GA). We have been in the incentive business for 30+ years. Let us show you how to make your life easier and engage your department, as well as the entire company, in reducing injury/accidents, within budget .
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