Biomist, Inc.

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Contact: Robert Cook
Title: Vice President
Phone: 8478505530


Biomist, Inc.
573 North Wolf Road
Wheeling IL 60090
United States
Biomist systems atomize alcohol into non-flammable aerosols that quickly clean and sanitize production facilities. The penetrating mist reaches into cracks and crevices to kill germs where they hide, then evaporates leaving surfaces dry and ready for use. No other sanitizing system offers the speed and effectiveness of Biomist. Key features include: • Non-flammable alcohol vapor • Dries quickly, no residue • Non-corrosive, safe for electronics • No wiping, no cross-contamination • Safe for food contact surfaces • Reduces labor expense • Efficient - reduces chemical consumption • Perfect for pre-op and in-shift sanitizing • Features and option to safely place alcohol anywhere
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