West Empire Inc

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Contact: Jacob Levy
Title: Owner
Phone: 1-844-577-9777


West Empire Inc
7633 Varna Ave.
Suite H
North Hollywood CA 91605
United States
We are West Empire Inc. and we provide wholesale Personal Protective Equipment to companies, we specialize in bulk sales of equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from viruses (Covid-19), injury or infection. The hazards addressed by protective equipment include physical, electrical, heat, chemicals, biohazards, and airborne particulate matter. See our product list: PRODUCT LISTS KN95 Masks CDC APPROVED KN95 Masks FDA AND CE APPROVED 3 Ply ear loop Face Mask for Civil Use 3 Ply ear loop Face Mask for Kids 3 Ply Level 3 Surgical Face Mask Surgical Face Mask Hypoallergenic – Tied back N 95 NIOSH BYD FACE MASK Reusable Masks Anti-Fog Face Shields /Goggles Washable fluid resistant gown covers L size Level 1 Non-Sterile Disposable isolation Gowns Recommended for: Med/Surg, Visitors, Contact Precautions Level 2 isolation Gowns Recommended for : Med/Surg, ICU, Emergency Airborne AAMI Level 3 Surgical Gown Recommended for : Arterial blood draw, inserting an IV, Emergency Room, Trauma. AAMI Level 3 Gown Sterlie Vacum Seal UV Infrared No-touch Thermometers Surgical Shoe Cover Disposable Bouffant Caps (Hair Net)] Surgical Cap Back Strap [MOQ: 50,000] Surgical Cap Bouffant Cover Head 75% Alcohol Wipes 50 Count Alcohol Wipes (70%) for surfaces, hard plastic canister size Nitrlie Gloves Powder Free 4mm Medical Exam S/M/L/XL Latex Gloves Medical Exam S/M/L/XL Latex Gloves Powder Free Non Medical S/M/L/XL Vinyl Gloves Medical Exam S/M/L/XL
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