Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems

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Contact: Dave Rector
Title: VP, Marketing
Phone: 201-406-9471


Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems
PO Box 57
South Hill VA 23970
United States
Since its launch in 2016, The UV Box from Advanced Ultra-Violet Systems (AUVS) has been meeting the needs of healthcare professionals in Hospitals, Acute Care, Dental, Clinics and Long Term Care environments, as well as EMS, Law Enforcement, Ambulance, Office Buildings, Education, Hospitality and Transportation. Today, The UV Box is the countertop Germicidal Enclosure of choice throughout more than 700 hospitals. Used to disinfect handheld items including phones, tablets, personal items and PPE, The UV Box continues to be in high demand in the fight against COVID-19 and harder-to-treat contaminants including C.Diff Spores. The UV Box output of 200 mJ/cm2 is many times the energy needed to kill Coronavirus. We also offer the UV Cube Germicidal Enclosure to disinfect larger devices like laptops and keypads. In addition, AUVS' Rollie is a mobile system that can be used to disinfect high-surfaces in Restrooms, Entrance doors, Staff Breakrooms, Conference Rooms, Offices, Waiting Areas, Maintenance Rooms, and Elevators for a fraction of the cost of the competition.
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