B Team Solutions / Lift Your Tabletm folding table risers

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Contact: Bethany Smith
Title: President
Phone: 7607772018


B Team Solutions / Lift Your Tabletm folding table risers
P. O. Box 11922
Palm Desert CA 92255
United States
B Team Solutions (BTS) is a explosive WBENC and NMSDC-certified company, located in Palm Desert, CA, committed to bringing quality products to market improve ergonomics and thus the productivity of its customer’s offices, projects, and workplaces. The companies’ main product, Lift Your Table® (LYT®) folding table risers, is a unique product that lifts the height of most standard folding tables from seated height to counter height and higher. These lightweight, easily portable and professional-looking risers attach to most folding tables quickly without tools and do not compromise the structural strength or stability of the table. The problem: Standard folding tables are created to be ideal for people sit at, but the (seated) height of the table is too low to comfortably work from in a standing position. Working from a table that is positioned too low leads to lower back pain and neck strain. From a background as concessionaires/mobile caterers, the founders uncovered the need for a higher work and serving surface as workers complained of lower back pain at the end of the work day. In the United States each year, back pain is one of the biggest causes of lost productivity, missed work days and worker’s compensation claims resulting in the loss of billions of dollars. Research reveals a large percentage of people suffer from lower back pain due to improper ergonomics of their work environment, including those who work from folding tables in a standing capacity. BTS intends to make Lift Your Table® folding table risers a staple in every work, school, and office environment. It will soon be as commonplace as the folding table itself!
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