JLG Industries, Inc.

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Contact: Nikki M. Martin
Phone: 240-313-1814


JLG Industries, Inc.
1 JLG Drive
McConnellsburg PA 17233-9533
United States
JLG Industries, Inc. is committed to being the provider of choice worldwide for access equipment. Through leadership, teamwork and dedication, we will provide world-class excellence in quality, service and delivery to our distributors and customers, opportunity and enrichment for our employees; and superior performance for our shareholders. We will adhere to these core values as we pursue our mission and vision: Customer Focus: We recognize that our leadership in the industry depends on our ability to respond to the needs of customers. We desire a partnership culture that opens the way for never-ending, two-way dialogue. Each contact with a customer is another opportunity to better understand their needs and improve the merits of JLG. Highest Quality Standards: We expect to be identified by our customers as #1 in terms of quality and service. Quality will be achieved by meeting or exceeding our customers' expectations with all products and services offered by JLG, and with the specific goal of delivering a defect-free product on time, every time. World Class Products: We provide products that demonstrate the highest price and performance value in meeting customers' needs throughout the world. We will strive to introduce products that address or anticipate new opportunities in all the markets we serve. Uncompromising Integrity: We conduct ourselves with a high degree of ethics. We strive to be good citizens in our communities and to be sensitive to the needs of customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders. Constant Pursuit of Excellence: There is no "norm" at JLG. We continually ask questions and challenge the way we do things. Our desire is to promote innovation, responsiveness and flexibility that will keep us focused on excellence in all we do. Teamwork: JLG will reach higher levels of success only by a team commitment in an atmosphere that builds individual self-confidence and encourages everyone associated with JLG to contribute constructive ideas toward our constant pursuit of excellence.
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