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Workplace Violence and Bullying: 5 Keys to Addressing Threats in Today’s Work Environment


6/9/22 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Disagreements at work happen every day. When emotions escalate, situations can get out of control. Even when no physical harm occurs, bullying can leave deep emotional scars, and the consequences can have a profound effect on morale. Acts of violence, while rare, become headline news and can cause injuries or death. However, knowing what to do can help you maintain a safer, more productive work environment for everyone.

We’ll look at these five key aspects of preventing, recognizing and addressing threats:

  1. Signs of a hostile work environment
  2. How to handle a bully at work
  3. How to conduct a workplace investigation
  4. Jobs that are prone to violent acts
  5. Warning signs of workplace violence

This complimentary event will include a live Q&A session, so bring your questions.


Michelle HigginsMichelle Higgins, Associate Editor – HR , J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.

Michelle researches and creates content on a variety of employment-related topics such as hiring, benefits and compensation, independent contractors, child labor, and workplace violence.

Ray ChishtiRay Chishti, Editor – EHS, J. J. Keller & Associates Inc.

Ray joined J. J. Keller in 2017 as a workplace safety editor. He has 15 years of total EHS experience in a variety of industries, including EPC projects, construction, railway, fossil fuel power plants, gas distribution and transmission, electrical transmission, and retail.


Alan FergusonAlan Ferguson

Alan is associate editor of Safety+Health and co-host of the magazine’s “On the Safe Side” podcast.