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6 Steps to a Successful Hazard Communication Program


7/28/22 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Is your hazard communication program working as intended? As part of the list of top OSHA violations, hazard communication consistently ranks in the top 10. Businesses can fall short of hazard communication compliance for a number of reasons. During this webinar, KPA’s compliance expert, Hunter Taylor, will review OSHA and hazard communication expectations. Then, he’ll guide you through the six key steps to developing and maintaining your hazard communication program:

  • The standard (and responsible staff)
  • The written hazard communication program
  • Container labels
  • Safety Data Sheets
  • Employee training
  • Program evaluation


Hunter TaylorHunter Taylor, Team Supervisor, ASP, at KPA

Hunter is the team supervisor of the South Central District at KPA. He joined KPA four years ago, bringing his expertise in safety and compliance as an associate safety professional. He has a bachelor’s in biology from Howard Payne University and completed his master’s in public health in environmental, health and safety at the University of North Texas Health Science Center.


Alan FergusonAlan Ferguson, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine

Alan is associate editor of Safety+Health and serves as co-host of the magazine’s “On the Safe Side” podcast.