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The Human Side of Safety: Overcome Objections and Address Motivations to Increase Participation


6/22/23 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm CDT

Event Description

Getting employees more involved in safety requires understanding their motivations. To improve your safety culture, you need worker buy-in and support. Many safety professionals have wondered, “How do I increase employee participation?” Although there’s no simple answer, employees will participate more if they want to – too often, they simply choose not to participate. The question should be, “What would make employees choose to participate more?” If employees and supervisors understand the value and benefits, they’ll participate more.

During this webinar, we’ll share ideas on overcoming these challenges, such as:

  • Showing employees why safety matters by demonstrating how it impacts them personally.
  • Dealing with reluctant (often experienced) workers who push back against the rules.
  • Dealing with (often younger) workers who think they’re invincible or won’t get hurt.
  • Tips for increasing participation, such as identifying workers to be safety advocates and lead from the middle.
  • Tips for supervisors who must support safety or could undermine your efforts.
  • And much more!

We’ll save 10-15 minutes at the end to answer your questions. Register today to gain a clearer understanding of your responsibilities as they pertain to temp workers at your facility.


Edwin ZalewskiEdwin Zalewski
Senior Editor – EHS, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Edwin researches and creates content for a variety of safety-related topics and contributes to several products. He specializes in issues such as injury/illness recordkeeping, walking-working surfaces and powered industrial trucks.

Holly Pups, CSPHolly Pups, CSP
EHS Editor, J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.

Holly joined J. J. Keller in 2021, specializing in workplace safety. She’s a former OSHA compliance officer with more than a decade of industrial safety experience, including in warehousing, pharmaceuticals, the public sector and plastics manufacturing. She uses her extensive experience to help others understand OSHA regulations and share industry best practices through her work.


Barry BottinoBarry Bottino, Associate Editor, Safety+Health magazine

Barry covers worker safety for Safety+Health and serves as co-host of the magazine’s “On the Safe Side” podcast.