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Ergonomic body mat

Ergokneel Handy Mats are made of 1-inch-thick, closed-cell foam rubber and are highly resistant to oils and grease. These mats, designed for industrial use, are 17 inches by 41 inches – ideal for kneeling, sitting or lying under a vehicle.
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Knee pads

ProFlex 435 Comfort Hinged Hard Cap Gel Knee Pads take 335 gel knee pads and add Comfort Hinge technology.
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Carpet layers: Take it easy on the knees

Carpet layers spend approximately 75 percent of their workday kneeling, according to NIOSH estimates, putting a significant amount of pressure on their knees. Compared with workers who rarely kneel, NIOSH found that carpet layers have high frequencies of bursitis of the knee – fluid buildup requiring knee aspirations, skin infections of the knee and a variety of other knee disorders.
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