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Proper PPE for female workers in construction

How can women’s hi-vis personal protective equipment be used to attract and retain female construction workers?
In the past few years, garments tailored for women have become more common. These garments look similar to men’s apparel but are designed with specific details that consider the female form and shape.
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Protective fabric for PPE

Tecasafe One offers comfortable, breathable, inherent flame resistance at a price point comparable with treated FR cotton fabrics and is designed for better performance.
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PPE and PPE storage canisters

UltraLite Series Arc Flash PPE Task Wear is designed to combine safety with comfort. The 11 cal/cm2 UltraLite garments include a long-sleeved T-shirt with a balaclava hood and simple high-waisted 12 cal/cm2 pants, made to fit comfortably over daily wear clothing.
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Flood PPE

After the storm

Using PPE to help protect cleanup and restoration workers
Personal protective equipment may be the best – or only – way to help protect cleanup workers against floodwater-related hazards.
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