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Protective fabric

The 5.3-Ounce Fabric is the lightest solution-dyed FR fabric on the market with a CAT 2 protection rating.
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Long-sleeved FR shirt

M140T is a limited-edition, long-sleeved Longhorn shirt constructed with lightweight and breathable 5.4-ounce FRMC fabric.
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Westex --PF jan14

Flame-resistant fabric

UltraSoft AC flame-resistant fabric offers advanced protection from electric arc flash and flash fires, as well as multipurpose protection from molten ferrous metal and welding exposures.
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Mount-Vernon --PF jan14

Flame-resistant fabrics

AMTEX TC fabrics combine comfort, strength and a high level of protection, and currently are offered in 7.9-ounce and 8.4-ounce twill.
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