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Storage chest

The BETTER BUILT 2023-BB Job-site Chest features fully arc welded seams with heavy-duty 16-gauge steel construction. The chest has ¼-inch thick solid lock tangs to provide pry bar resistance. A powder-coated finish offers maximum corrosion protection and long-lasting durability. The locking spreader secures the lid in the open position to prevent unintentional closure.

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Acid storage cabinet

The Acid Storage Cabinet is specifically designed for corrosive chemicals. Standard size is 35 inches high and 22 inches deep, with available widths of 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42 and 48 inches. The molded one-piece fiberglass liner inserts directly into the cabinet. All edges are sealed for easy cleaning. The interior features a containment lip on the front bottom edge to hold spills. The front access doors are lined and have air inlet vents and sealed edges. No metal is exposed to corrosive vapors.

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Pesticide storage cabinets

PIG Pesticide Safety Cabinets feature fully MIG-welded 14- and 18-gauge steel construction to survive decades of continuous industrial use.
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Outdoor safety locker

Protect workers and the environment and meet insurance requirements by storing flammables and hazardous materials in rugged, FM-approved Outdoor Safety Lockers.
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