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Don’t forget food safety this summer

Summer festivals, carnivals and fairs mean fun – and food! Cotton candy, corndogs, kettle corn and deep-fried candy bars are just a few of the treats you’re likely to find. But when making your choices, take a few moments to think about food safety.
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Nurses union urges CDC to reverse updated COVID-19 guidance

Silver Spring, MD — Claiming the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is “once again responding to political pressures from those desperate to remove any safety protocols during this deadly pandemic that is still causing unacceptable numbers of infections, hospitalizations and deaths every day,” the nation’s largest union and professional association of registered nurses is calling on the agency to reverse its most recent COVID-19 guidance.
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Opioid misuse: Help is available

Opioid use disorder is defined by Johns Hopkins Medicine as a medical condition in which you’re unable to abstain from using opioids, and behaviors centered around opioid use that interfere with daily life.
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