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ION Science

ION Science, a United Kingdom-based developer and manufacturer of PID gas sensors and instruments, has acquired Analox Group, a gas sensing and analysis manufacturer based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire. “This is a major step on our strategic growth journey,” said ION Science Group Managing Director Duncan Johns.
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Particulate matter sensor

Designed for industrial and environmental monitoring, NextPM is a high-specification particulate matter sensor. It features advanced technical innovations that enable ultraprecise measurements to be obtained, even in extreme climatic conditions.
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Volatile organic compound detectors

The Tiger XT line of volatile organic compound detectors includes the Tiger XTL Portable VOC Gas Detector; the Tiger XT Handheld VOC Detector; and the Tiger XT Select Benzene Gas Detector, which incorporates a 10.0 eV lamp within its sensor that can detect total aromatic compounds down to concentrations of 
1 ppb.
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Gas detector

The ARA H2S Single Gas Detector is a continuous monitoring device that offers three alarm notifications in the event of H2S exposure exceeding limits: a flashing light, an audible alarm and vibration.
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