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Hard hat

The patented shell design of the North Force Hard Hat is the industry’s first hard hat with 24 percent more back-of-head coverage than standard Type I hard hats.
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Restyled hard hat

The Evolution 6100 Hard Hat’s traditional styling has been enhanced with five raised channels running across the top of the helmet, which not only modernizes the aesthetic look, but also strengthens the helmet.
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Hard hat customization app

“Build Your Own Hat” is a web-based application that enables customers and distributors to fully customize Fibre-Metal and North brand hard hats and safety caps.
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Safety light

The Halo Light, designed specifically for a hard hat, lights an entire task area without adjustment and illuminates a worker in all directions.
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PIP -- PF Oct 2013

Full brim hard hats

The JSP Full Brim line of hard hats helps protect a worker’s neck and ears from the sun’s UV rays.
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Bullard -- PF Oct 2013

Hard hat with optional visor

Designed with a wide profile and brim, the Classic C30R Hard Hat provides enhanced ventilation, increased protection from the elements and greater comfort for outdoor workers.
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3M -- PF Oct 2013

Full brim hard hat

The H-800 Series Full Brim Hard Hat features an innovative design that offers full-brim protection and a smooth ratchet suspension.
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ERBSafety -- NP Aug 2013

Full-brim vented hard hat

The Americana Full Brim Vent hard hat offers protection from falling or glancing objects with additional cooling comfort from the vents on the top of the hat, which circulate air and cool wearers.
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