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Multi-gas detector

The UL-certified POLI Multi-Gas Detector offers four- or five-gas monitoring of toxic gases, oxygen, combustibles, carbon dioxide and volatile organic compounds. The POLI MP400 is a basic detector that uses diffusion sampling for confined space entry compliance, with oxygen, LEL, carbon monoxide and hydrogen sulfide sensors. The POLI MP400P (shown) is an advanced model with a built-in pump that allows a full selection of sensors, including electrochemical, pellistor, non-dispersive infrared and photoionization detector.

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Fixed-point gas detector

This addressable fixed-point gas detector with local display offers flammable and toxic gas detection, as well as oxygen monitoring. The three-wire addressable implementation reduces cabling requirements. The large OLED display gives users the opportunity to work with Xgard Bright during install, calibration and routine maintenance without having to open the housing. Xgard Bright offers analogue 4-20 mA and RS-485 Modbus signals as standard, an alarm and fault relay, and optional HART communications.

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Single-gas detector

The Honeywell BW Solo is an easy-to-service single-gas detector with BLE connectivity that provides real-time visibility into the status and safety of workers in hazardous areas, helping organizations respond faster to safety incidents.
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App for gas detection

The OELD App allows workers to use a smart device to configure and maintain the OELD smart junction box, the Searchpoint Optima Plus point infrared gas detector and the Searchline Excel connected to it.
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Infrared gas detector

Fast-response options are now available for the PointWatch Eclipse PIRECL Infrared Gas Detector, a SIL 2-capable infrared-point gas detector that identifies methane, propane, ethylene, butane and other combustible hydrocarbon gases.
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Gas detector line

The ALTAIR 2X line of gas detectors features the first one- or two-gas detector that incorporates industry-leading XCell Sensor technology.
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Using DualSense Technology in Your Gas Detector: Why two are safer than one


In this webinar, we will show how DualSense Technology in your gas detector gives you sensor redundancy and why two is clearly safer than one.

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