The Ultra Compact Lock Box is ideal for group lockout situations with multiple isolation points and employees performing maintenance activities on industrial equipment.
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Lockout and permit control station

When placed near production equipment, or in parts of the facility that regularly undergo maintenance, the S3500 Series can help reduce the amount of time it takes to complete group lockout from start to finish.
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Lockout/tagout training

Simple and straightforward, the “The Control of Hazardous Energy” lockout/tagout program consists of a 14-minute video demonstrating the major steps required for an effective LOTO program, along with important support materials such as a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation, leader’s guide, attendance log and certificates, employee quiz, and a copy of OSHA lockout/tagout regulation 1910.147.
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Lockout application

Manufacturing facilities have potentially dangerous sources of energy, such as electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic power for equipment that must be locked out when being serviced or when guarding is removed.
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