Noise monitoring training tool

The workplace virtual tour is educational software that provides users with a fully interactive experience in which participants learn how to use either a noise dosimeter or a sound level meter while touring a workplace.
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Fleet safety training

NSC Fleet Essentials is the most comprehensive fleet driving program. Course content is tailored to specific vehicles, including passenger vehicles, delivery vans and medium-duty trucks.
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Safety education suite

Online education provider Columbia Southern University has unveiled 27 new academic programs for interested safety professionals and students. Earn a degree or additional specializations in your field.
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Safety leadership strategy

HazTek’s Leading Safely approach to safety leadership is aimed at helping industry leaders transform their organizations in ways that reduce risks, improve team morale and open pathways to improved financial performance.
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Fire leadership degree

Columbia Southern University recently introduced a fire leadership degree program with four concentrations. The Master of Science in fire executive leadership degree program offers an opportunity for fire service workers to gain academic training in leadership at the graduate level.
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HAZWOPER training

The 24-Hour HAZWOPER – Emergency Response Technician online course provides 24 hours of classroom competency training required by OSHA for employees identified by HAZWOPER regulations as “hazardous materials technicians.”
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CMV driver safety training

This bundled series of 15 commercial motor vehicle safety courses covers essential compliance topics. Intended for any employee who needs to regularly or occasionally operate a CMV, the interactive, driver-focused courses are designed to capture trainees’ attention and test their understanding of required concepts.

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First responder training equipment

A new and improved R.A.C.E (Rescue, Alert, Confine, and Extinguish) Station is now available. It offers a variety of product options, such as an interactive emergency smartphone, pull station, electric cut-off, strobe light and annunciator, and a digital fire extinguisher stand. Each prop uses Bluetooth 5 technology to communicate between each other for up to 150 meters. The station can be used with a variety of LION training tools.

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