Chemical safety



Industrial-grade cleaning solution

EarthSafe cleaning solutions aim to provide industrial and commercial facilities with safety and sustainability. The collection includes FlashDry, an all-natural industrial absorbent made from an organic fiber with six times the absorbing power of clay-based products.
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Battery powder safeguard system

The Pulse-Flow PTA pneumatic conveying system safeguards lithium nickel manganese cobalt oxide from moisture exposure and protects workers from toxic cathode materials during rechargeable battery production.
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Volatile organic compound detectors

The Tiger XT line of volatile organic compound detectors includes the Tiger XTL Portable VOC Gas Detector; the Tiger XT Handheld VOC Detector; and the Tiger XT Select Benzene Gas Detector, which incorporates a 10.0 eV lamp within its sensor that can detect total aromatic compounds down to concentrations of 
1 ppb.
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Gas detector

Tango TX2 is a two-gas monitor that increases site safety by allowing users to detect two gases with one small, reliable monitor.
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Pneumatic vacuum conveying system

Setting the entire conveying system on a self-contained, rolling platform, the ATEX-certified mobile Inert Explosion-proof (INEX) system enables chemical, pharmaceutical and other processors to safely convey dry and wet powders in hazardous environments where explosive vapors may be present.
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Emergency shower

The Modular Laboratory Applications Emergency Shower Booth is molded of chemical-resistant fiberglass and equipped with a pull rod-activated shower and push-handle eye/facewash for immediate drenching of workers who have been exposed to hazardous chemicals.
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Storage cabinet for flammable chemicals

This cabinet is specifically designed for the storage of flammable chemicals. Standard size is 35 inches high and 22 inches deep, with available 30-, 36- and 48-inch widths and a removable shelf for larger container storage.
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