Machine guards



Machine interlock switch

The Proton is an advanced solenoid interlock switch designed for use on machines for which hazardous conditions persist even after the machine has been switched off. Its heavy-duty solenoid can withstand up to 3000N hold force and energize under a lateral load.
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Ejection curtain guarding kit

The Ejection Curtain Guarding Kit gives machinists confidence, knowing they’re able to achieve efficient hydraulic press use while being protected by a coiled wire fabric guard that reduces the risk of cuts, lacerations and punctures from flying debris.
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Bench grinder safety gauge

The Bench Grinder Safety Gauge is designed for use during the installation, maintenance and inspection of bench/pedestal grinders to ensure compliance with OSHA 1910.215.
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Safeguarding device

The Detect-A-Finger Drop-Probe Device is designed to prevent a riveter, welder or other small machine from cycling if it encounters fingers in the point-of-operation area, thus preventing contact between the operator and dangerous moving parts.
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Clip-free steel guarding solution

The Clipless Steel Guarding Line is used to create robotic guards, safety guards, welding cells, conveyor guards and more. The core characteristics of the steel guarding – easy assembly, sized to exact specifications, simple modifications and modularity – remain the same.
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To better help customers with security coding efforts for different work site locations, departments and employee identification, Master Lock has introduced six vividly brilliant colors for its durable 6121 ProSeries Weather Tough Padlock.
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Safety covers

Twist and Secure Push Button and E-Stop Safety Covers are designed to temporarily prevent access to machine start and engaged emergency stop buttons for production and facility utility operating equipment.
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