Product Focus: Head/Face Protection

September 2016



Bump cap

Weighing less than 5 ounces, the JSP HardCap AeroLite Bump Cap is the lightest full-shell bump cap on the market.
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Hard hat

The North Zone Hard Hat is an innovative, feature-rich style that delivers exceptional comfort, retention and balance.
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Arc flash hood

The Lift Front Hood is a unique hybrid combination hood that is lighter and more comfortable to wear than a standard arc flash hood.
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Cooling head protection

The Vented V-Gard 500 Cap or Hat has cooling vents for improved air circulation and comfort, and a Glaregard Surface underbrim to help reduce reflective glare.
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Bump cap

The Skullerz 8960 Bump Cap with LED lighting technology protects against head injuries caused by worker-generated impact.
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Face shields

Venom Face Shields provide protection against workplace hazards with a molded, contoured design that offers improved coverage over traditional-style visors.
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Translucent hard hat

The Peak View Translucent Hard Hat’s modern design is an improvement on the traditional hard shell protective helmet, offering wearers maximum peripheral vision.
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