Corporate Profiles

February 2022

Find out how our new crop of CEOs Who "Get it" keep their organizations' workers safe. Then, learn more about some of the safety product and service vendors who are in business to help keep your workers safe.



Corporate Profile: Wrangler

Wrangler has represented genuine style and comfort since it first started making jeans in 1947. Rooted in the American West, the brand blends a rich legacy of cowboy cool with a commitment to unmatched quality and timeless design.
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Corporate Profile: SafeStart

SafeStart is a safety company focused on human factors. Our mission is to reduce preventable deaths and injuries both on and off the job. We make human factors more understandable, safety training more personable, and give organizations around the world a more engaging and useful approach to keeping people safe.
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Corporate Profile: National Association 
of Safety Professionals

The National Association of Safety Professionals (NASP) provides market-leading training and professional certifications to industry professionals in the environmental, health, and safety fields. The primary mission of NASP is to provide safety professionals and individuals who are required to meet regulatory requirements within their facility with innovative training opportunities and professional certification to assist them in carrying out their safety-related functions with confidence and proven competence.
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Corporate Profile: Avetta

Avetta connects leading global organizations with more than 95,000 qualified suppliers, contractors and vendors across 100-plus countries. We support the sustainable growth of supply chains through our trusted contractor prequalification, supplier audits, insurance monitoring, robust analytics and more.
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Corporate Profile: Advance Lifts

Advance Lifts was founded in 1974 and quickly became the leading dock lift manufacturer in the country. Over the years, our product lines expanded to include production scissors lift tables, tilters, turntables, dumpers, work access lifts and mezzanine access lifts.
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