Safety Innovators

National Safety Month

Safety+Health advertisers highlight their products and services for National Safety Month.

Need safety tips to help employees observe the month? Use our June tips to help reduce injuries and fatalities in your workplace.

Copy for “Safety Innovators” is provided by the advertisers featured.



Wooster Products, Inc.

Flex-Tred anti-slip safety tape is an economical solution for slippery surfaces around the workplace. This durable tape installs quickly and easily on any surface.
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United Rentals, Inc.

As North America’s largest provider of commercial and industrial rental equipment, United Rentals is an industry leader in jobsite safety and compliance. We train thousands of workers each year in jobsite and operator safety, OSHA certifications, and more.
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ThermOmegaTech®’s Therm-O-Mix® Station instantly delivers tepid water to emergency safety showers and face/eyewash stations, using only a facility’s existing steam and water supplies.
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Streamlight, Inc.

VULCAN® 180 HAZ-LO® – Class I, Div. 1 rechargeable lantern/portable scene light. Developed for use in hazardous locations, the Vulcan® 180 HAZ-LO® is lightweight and rechargeable.
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Skedco, Inc.

The Sked Stretcher system offers greater versatility than any other rescue system. It performs confined space, water, vertical-rope, military, helicopter and virtually any other types of rescues. It floats nearly vertically and will accommodate nearly any size patient. It’s compact, lightweight and backpackable.
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Sentry Protection Products

Constant motion, noise, narrow aisles, machinery, traffic and blind corners all factor into warehouses being dangerous places to work. Collision Sentry Corner Pro: for those “accidents waiting to happen” at blind-
corner intersections. Designed to create a safer working environment in high-traffic areas.
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Safety Rail Company, LLC

The industry leader in rooftop fall protection, Safety Rail Company manufactures guardrail-based systems that serve as a permanent barrier between the leading-edge hazard and personnel working in the area.
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Our human factors safety framework is a powerful way to analyze how 
systems, people and processes interact to influence safety outcomes. It shows where better knowledge, stronger skills and/or improved communication can drive impressive EHS numbers.
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The OLFA Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife ensures safe cutting in a compact form. Designed for extreme safety, this knife offers a premium stainless-steel blade in a shielded channel. The open-channel design minimizes resistance for a tool that cuts two times longer than the leading competitor.
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National Association of Safety Professionals

Do ergonomic injuries have your EMR bent out of shape? Join NASP and Fit For Work June 15-16 in Orlando, FL, to participate in an engaging and fun two-day live course. Students will learn how to identify and mitigate ergonomic hazards in the workplace. Enroll today!
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