Heat protection

June 2024



Climbing hard hat

In addition to the one-way moisture transfer wicking fabric and breathable 3D mesh that ease fast sweat evaporation, the Fibre Metal Type II climbing-style helmet incorporates liquid crystal polymer yarn into the six-point suspension strap system to disperse force transferred from the shell to the user.
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Hydration products

These products are formulated with sodium and potassium – key electrolytes that are vital for replenishing those lost through perspiration and respiration. This aids in the prevention of dehydration and heat stress.
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Cooling vest

This fully adjustable over-vest features Velcro straps at the shoulders, chest and stomach. Advanced cooling technology provided by ThermoPaks keeps a worker’s core body temperature at a safe level for hours.
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Hydration solution

THORZT Solo Shots offer all the benefits of a hydration drink with unique amino acids to keep workers in peak condition. Simply add a stick pack to 16 ounces of water and shake vigorously until dissolved.
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Cooling towel

The 1374 Large ChillAway Cooling Towel is designed to envelop the body and immediately alleviate discomfort caused by excessive heat exposure.
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Cooling PPE line

Workers will stay cool while working in the heat with this new “Cooling” category of personal protective equipment, which includes a skullcap (shown), sweatbands, a safety helmet liner and two towels
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Cooling work shirts

Workers will get the sun protection they need with Premium Black Series Cool Touch Short and Long Sleeve T-Shirts. These three moisture-wicking shirts feature Cool Touch fabric and are UPF-rated for added sun protection.
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Sun protection shirt

Featuring evaporative cooling technology and UPF 50+ protection, the Chill-Its 6688 Cooling Hi-Vis Sun Shirt is ideal for workers requiring Type R, Class 2 apparel.
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