Red Wing white paper

Check workplace foot safety off your list

Download the checklist
A new foot safety hazards checklist from Red Wing covers specific sources of foot injuries – with some more obvious than others. From slippery floors and automatic closing doors to uneven surfaces and puncture hazards, the list takes a proactive approach to avoiding foot-related injuries and keeping your business running safely.
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Safety checkup

5-minute safety checkup

In honor of National Safety Month in June, the National Safety Council has created a five-question survey designed to pinpoint the most frequent safety risks for an individual based on his or her age, gender, occupation and state.
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Working (safely) from home

Employers can take steps to help keep teleworkers safe
Telework can offer plenty of benefits for employers and employees alike. But how can companies promote safety for workers who are out of sight, working from a home office? Learn some tips from safety professionals, human resources directors and other telework experts.
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