Spill response



Water-absorbent mat pads

PIG Water Absorbent Mat Pads instantly soak up puddles and small pools of water caused by weather events, system breakdowns, spills, container overflows and more.
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Absorbent mat

The Floor Grabber Absorbent Mat sticks tight and flat to the floor, helping facilities prevent slip and fall incidents.
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Food safety spill kits

OSHAKits.com, together with GOJO Industries, has announced the availability of its new food safety spill kit, featuring Purell Foodservice Surface Sanitizer.
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Spill control kit

The Safety Applied Spill Kit makes it quick and easy to clean up spills, help prevent slips and falls, and protect building users and cleanup workers from harmful norovirus and other diseases.
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Specialty spill kits

Brady SPC Specialty Spill Kits are designed for hard-to-treat spills from four categories: formaldehyde, bodily fluids, mercury and battery acid.
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Mildew-resistant absorbent sock

Unlike cellulose-filled absorbent socks, the PIG Mildew-Resistant Absorbent Sock’s 100 percent polypropylene skin and filler resist the growth of mildew that can sometimes be created in socks that are deployed for long time spans.
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Spill control system

This spill control system includes a super absorbent spill pad along with a personal protective equipment kit to protect food service workers when cleaning up potentially dangerous spills.
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