Evacuation safety



Safety alarm

Models that meet SIL1 and SIL2 compliance now are available for the D1x, GNEx, STEx, AlertAlarm and AlertAlight alarm across ranges of alarm horn sounders, LED and Xenon Strobe beacons, and combination sounders with beacons.
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Mobile app

The AlertMedia mobile app allows employees of organizations with an AlertMedia account to access real-time information about emerging threats happening anywhere in the world.
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Evacuation sled

The Slyde Evacuation Sled is an easy-to-use, cost-effective solution for evacuating nonambulatory occupants from a multistory building.
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Emergency management

DIY MOBI is a password-protected mobile app that increases workplace safety by providing two-way communication for real-time information on mobile devices, as well as information and resources to help employees assess a crisis situation.
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Emergency stretcher

The Haz-Mat/Hospital (HMH) Sked is made of the same durable plastic used in all Sked stretchers.
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