Respiratory protection



Surgical N95 respirator

The DC365 surgical N95 respirator is NIOSH-certified PPE that’s easy to don and doff. Fluid resistant and designed with comfort in mind, its flexible, lightweight construction conforms gently to the face to minimize pressure points.
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Respirator hood

Sightline is a respirator hood for the life sciences industry that offers 320 degrees of uninterrupted viewing through a large, seamless, wraparound lens.
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Half-mask respirator

Designed for a variety of clinical settings, Honeywell’s RU8500X offers workers a comfortable fit for hours of use. Made from soft, flexible silicone, the reusable respirator features a filtered exhalation valve to assist with source control and provide high-performing respiratory protection.
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Industrial vacuum

Powered by compressed air, PulseAir industrial vacuums/dust extractors use a proprietary button-activated system engineered to clean the vacuum filter without opening the unit.
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Particulate system

The PN 9907-G Series EZ AIR Flex Grinding Air Shield SAR is a complete particulate system intended for industrial grinding applications for which combined respiratory, eye and face protection is required.
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N95 respirator

Protex SR9520S is a small NIOSH-approved N95 filtering facepiece respirator designed to protect workers with smaller faces. It features the patent-pending Protex All Day Comfort System that combines a uniquely soft but strong inner layer, an incredibly lightweight but highly efficient and effective inner filtration layer, and high-sealing viscoelastic nose foam for a secure but comfortable seal.
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N95 respirators

Milwaukee Tool expands its N95 respirator line to include an Unvalved N95 Respirator in addition to the existing N95 Valved Respirator and N95 Valved Respirator with a Gasket. Designed to stay comfortable all day, the respirators feature two soft adjustable straps and a flexible nose bridge for a better fit.
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Filtration system

The CleanAire Filtration Module is engineered to prevent infection in labs, hospital rooms, waiting rooms, offices and more. Particles as small 0.3 microns, including respiratory droplets, are collected with a 99.99% efficiency.
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Reusable N95 respirator

The NIOSH-approved Comfort-Air Nx (industrial) and Comfort-Air NxMD (health care) half-masks are designed without an exhalation valve for workers who change out their disposables often. These reusable masks provide an airtight seal and can be sanitized after heavy use.
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Health care PAPR

The SALUS HC is a high-performing powered air-purifying respirator designed to protect health care workers from exposure to particulates and biological aerosols. Its compact and ergonomic shoulder-mounted carriage conforms to all body types to provide uninhibited range of movement.
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