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FMCSA releases guidance on truck driver HOS log displays

Washington – The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has released regulatory guidance for roadside inspectors on what information must be displayed on electronic logging devices that currently meet FMCSA regulations for tracking drivers’ hours-of-service compliance.

In order to replace paper logs of drivers’ records of duty status, the devices must display the following information:

  • Total hours of driving time and miles driven for the day
  • Total hours of on-duty time, including time working but not driving, for the day
  • Proof that the driver has not surpassed the 60-hour or 70-hour on-duty limit for seven-day or eight-day workweeks
  • Sequential changes to the driver’s duty status and when they occurred for each driver using the device

FMCSA noted that the devices do not need to be capable of printing out the driver’s logs. However, an enforcement official may still request the driver to send additional information from the device about their record of duty status via email, fax or other means within 48 hours of the roadside inspection.