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CSB draws scrutiny at House committee hearing

CSB hearing

Washington – Failures and mismanagement at the Chemical Safety Board have put public safety at risk, according to a joint staff report filed June 19 in conjunction with a hearing convened by the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

During the hearing, which lasted more than two hours, committee members from both sides of the aisle questioned CSB Chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso about alleged problems at the agency. Topics included:

  • Why Moure-Eraso and other CSB officials failed to comply with a whistleblower investigation by the Environmental Protection Agency Office of Inspector General, prompting a rare Seven Day Letter
  • Whether Moure-Eraso and other CSB officials had retaliated against whistleblowers, prompting fears among other staff members about coming forward with complaints
  • Why CSB did not complete investigations in a timely, efficient manner

Moure-Eraso defended CSB’s work, arguing that the agency has only about 40 employees and is asked to do more than its resources allow. He said he did not retaliate against whistleblowers or seek to create a toxic work environment in which progress was stalled.