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PHMSA proposes easing permit requirements for transporting explosives

Washington – Operators of trucks with good safety records would receive a reduced regulatory burden when transporting explosives, under a newly proposed rule from the Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration.

Published in the July 15 Federal Register, the proposed rule would amend federal Hazardous Materials Regulations to allow the transportation of certain explosives, ammonium nitrates and other hazardous materials in bulk packaging not otherwise authorized under regulations.

Under current rules, trucks transporting such materials must annually apply for special permits. The proposal is intended to reduce paperwork by eliminating renewal requests, and could save the transportation industry more than $16 million each year, PHMSA said.

The proposed rule comes in response to two petitions – from a transportation company and an explosives manufacturing group – requesting the elimination of the special permits and the incorporation of a voluntary consensus standard into the HMR to develop bulk explosive requirements.

Comments on the proposed rule are due Sept. 15.