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NHTSA proposes new regulation to protect large-bus passengers

Washington – The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has proposed a new federal safety standard to help protect passengers in rollover crashes involving motorcoaches and other large buses.

Proposed July 30, the rule aims to improve the structural design of large buses by ensuring the space around passengers remains sufficiently intact and the emergency exits remain operable in a vehicle rollover.

The proposed rule would establish performance requirements for each new motorcoach and large bus. The vehicles would be tested by being tipped over from a raised platform onto a level concrete surface.

It also would require:

  • Space to be maintained around seating positions to allow occupants a survivable area in a crash
  • Seats, overhead luggage racks and window glazing to remain attached to their mountings during and after performance tests
  • Emergency exits to remain closed during performance tests and operable after the test

The rule pertains to over-the-road buses of any weight and non-over-the-road buses greater than 26,000 pounds. It would not apply to school buses and urban transit buses.