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OSHA releases annual State Plan evaluations

State plan map--- Oct2013

Washington – Federal OSHA has published its latest annual reports evaluating each of the 27 State Plan states.

The new Federal Annual Monitoring and Evaluation Reports cover fiscal year 2013, which ran from Oct. 1, 2012, through Sept. 30, 2013. Highlights from the various reports include:

  • California is understaffed, has a low rate of serious violations, and experiences a long period between an inspection and issuance of a citation.
  • Hawaii, which is sharing jurisdiction with federal OSHA while working to improve its program, has made progress but still experiences program management and enforcement issues.
  • In a turnabout after receiving sharp criticism several years ago for a number of construction fatalities, Nevada’s program is considered “effective,” albeit with a need to improve staff retention and supervisory oversight.

State-run occupational safety and health programs must be “at least as effective” as federal OSHA. However, some stakeholders have voiced concerns at the lack of a definition and measurements for the term.