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OSHA provides resources on Ebola


Photo: Fuse/Thinkstock

Washington – With the current Ebola outbreak spreading throughout West Africa, OSHA is providing resources to help protect workers from the disease.

In a series of webpages, OSHA shares information on hazard recognition, as well as control and prevention recommendations.

The agency notes that most U.S. workers are not at risk of contracting Ebola, but some could be exposed if they interact with people, animals and products from affected countries. Potentially at-risk workers include those in health care, the travel industry, lab sciences and emergency response.

OSHA’s guidance includes:

  • Employers should follow “good infection control practices.”
  • Workers should wear gloves, wash hands with soap and water, and properly throw away used gloves.
  • Employees should use face and eye protection in case of fluids splashing.
  • Employers should train their workers about Ebola.

Ebola is transmitted through blood and body fluids. Symptoms can include fever, fatigue and muscle pain.

If a worker believes he or she has been exposed, OSHA states that the worker should tell his or her employer, monitor health for 21 days, visit a doctor if symptoms develop and avoid contact with others when going to the doctor.