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ATRI ranks states for trucking safety and enforcement performance

Arlington, VA – Maryland tops a list of states that show “superior safety and enforcement performance” regarding commercial motor vehicles, according to the American Transportation Research Institute.

Released Oct. 21, ATRI (the research arm of the American Trucking Associations) ranked the following states as “high performers”:

  1. Maryland
  2. Washington
  3. Nevada
  4. Rhode Island
  5. Montana
  6. Connecticut
  7. New Mexico
  8. California
  9. South Dakota
  10. Iowa

Referring to 11 data metrics, ATRI compared the enforcement and safety performance of the 48 contiguous states. For example, Maryland ranked first for roadside inspections per million vehicle miles traveled with 27.9, and Oklahoma was last with 3.7.

ATRI also looked at fatal crashes, violations and traffic enforcement stops per million vehicle miles traveled. A state earned a certain number of points for its ranking for each data metric. Maryland had 73 total points, followed by Washington’s 40 points and Nevada with 36 points.