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EPA updates work plan for chemical assessments

Washington – The Environmental Protection Agency announced it has added 23 chemicals to its Toxic Substances Control Act Work Plan for Chemical Assessments.

Many of the chemicals have been considered a “moderate” concern and can be found in consumer products, including some used by children, according to EPA. The 23 chemicals will be considered for assessment after 2017, the agency stated.

The revised TSCA Work Plan currently has 90 chemicals. Sixteen chemicals – most of which are no longer sold in the United States – were deleted or consolidated from the list. EPA updated the work plan based on new data from chemical companies about chemical releases and possible exposures. It is the first update since the work plan was released in 2012.

The agency published final risk assessments on the use of three chemicals – methylene chloride, antimony trioxide and HHCB – on Aug. 28 and trichloroethylene on June 25.