CSB cancels 3 investigations amid board dissent


Washington – The Chemical Safety Board has terminated three lingering investigations.

CSB member Manuel Ehrlich said at a Jan. 28 public meeting that “there is no realistic opportunity to issue a CSB report” for each of the three investigations. Ehrlich made a motion to nix the investigations, which Chairman Rafael Moure-Eraso supported for a 2-1 vote.

The canceled cases are:

Ehrlich said it would be an inefficient use of CSB resources to assign more researchers to older cases, particularly in the case of Horsehead because the plant no longer exists.

Board member Mark Griffon motioned to table the issue until recently confirmed board member Richard Engler started his term. However, Moure-Eraso and Ehrlich did not second the motion.

“I believe [Engler] should have an opportunity to speak to these very important issues that affect the agency going forward for some time,” Griffon said. “Secondly, I’ve been delivered this document right now. This is the first time I’ve seen this. There is no way I can vote on this matter with fully understanding what I’m voting on without some time to look this over completely.” Moure-Eraso asked again whether anyone wanted to second the motion.

“I forgot to say after I was interrupted that the motion carries 2-1,” Moure-Eraso said. “The motion is approved.”