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Marijuana and the workforce: Groups issue guidelines

medical marijuana

Elk Grove Village, IL – Two worker health groups have published guidance intended to help employers respond to marijuana use among the workforce.

The American Association of Occupational Health Nurses and the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine issued the recommendations in light of changing state laws and individual attitudes regarding the drug.

Both groups said all marijuana use is prohibited for workers covered by federal drug testing regulations, and the drug could be prohibited for all employees in safety-sensitive positions.

“The safety of workers and the public must be central to all workplace policies, and employers must clearly articulate that legalization of marijuana for recreational or medical use does not negate workplace policies for safe job performance,” the guidance states. “This changing environment surrounding marijuana use requires close collaboration between employers, occupational health professionals and legal experts to ensure workplace safety is not compromised.”

The guidance was published in the April editions of ACOEM’s Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine and AAOHN’s Workplace Health & Safety.