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Striving for safety

With the instruments and monitors industry grounded in technology, advancements are common. Here, professionals discuss what you need to know to navigate this ever-evolving industry.

When asked about new technology and features on instruments and monitors, Chris Lange, director of marketing, Americas and EMEA, for Oakdale, PA-based Industrial Scientific Corp., extolled the advantages of docking stations. “Docking stations provide an automated means of managing your gas detector settings and calibration events through networked communication,” Lange said. “Users can preset their calibration frequencies and instrument settings, allowing them to dock their instrument and walk away with the confidence that it is always compliant with company procedures.” Then, all data collected is automatically downloaded and can be analyzed further.

Why are docking stations an important tool? According to Lange, a quality gas detector data management system can provide “full insight into the condition and proper use of your equipment and all gas hazards to which your team is exposed.” This information can then be used to help change behaviors in an effort to create a safer workplace, he added.

Be patient

Although employing new technological systems can be a boon for companies, Aaron Bryan, marketing manager – measurement solutions for Pittsburgh-based Dräger, cautions that technology can add complications. “While this is often worth the effort for added safety, additional patience may be required when it comes to specifying product and working with manufacturers,” he said. “A user’s IT department can also be a critical link in the chain that makes a more technically advanced solution run smoothly.”

Another thought to keep in mind before purchasing any new technology is quality. “Layers of technical wizardry can be added to monitors but a high-quality sensor that is fast and accurate is still at the heart of any good monitor,” Bryan said.

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