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Assistant editor, handling vendor- and product-related news.


Trends in ... lone workers/wearables

‘The power to transform an organization’s safety program’
“Monitoring workers remotely can save lives through improved emergency response times,” said Christopher Munnelly, director of connected worker for Charlotte, NC-based Honeywell. “In industrial environments, initiating a quick response in seconds or minutes can be critical to the success of a rescue mission.”
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Trends in ... eye protection

More than 2,000 people experience a work-related eye injury each day in the United States, and about 1 out of 10 of these injuries require at least one day away from work, according to Prevent Blindness, a volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight.

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Trends in ... cold protection

‘Lives on the line’
Working in cold conditions can be challenging, even dangerous. Without adequate protection, outdoor workers may experience frostbite and hypothermia, a potentially deadly form of cold stress that occurs when a person’s body temperature drops below 95° F. Here, industry insiders discuss new technology being used to help keep workers safe in cold conditions, and offer helpful tips.
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Trends in ... tool tethers, safety tools and knives

Follow the rules
Tape measures and hammers can be dangerous objects if dropped. That’s where tool tethers come in. And for workers who use knives to open boxes or perform other tasks, safety knives are available to help prevent potentially devastating cuts. Here, safety experts discuss what’s new in tool tethers, tools and safety knives.
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Trends in ... fall protection

Safety+Health spoke with Melissa Black, president of consulting firm MsR3 LLC and an adjunct professor in occupational safety and health at Orange Beach, AL-based Columbia Southern University, to get her thoughts on what’s new in the fall protection field, how workers can avoid misuse and how workers can best stay safe.

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