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Trends in ... ladders

Follow the rules
Falls from portable ladders are one of the leading causes of workplace injuries and fatalities, according to OSHA. Safety+Health spoke with Dave Francis, national safety director at Springville, UT-based Little Giant Ladder Systems, about his thoughts on ladder safety
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Trends in ... instruments and monitors

A better understanding
From gas detectors and noise dosimeters to refrigerant leak detectors, the field of instruments and monitors is broad. Here, Jeremy Majors, technical representative at Cedar Hill, TX-based Gas Clip Technologies, and Mark Heuchert, marketing manager, ADM, Region North America, for Houston-based Dräger Inc., discuss what’s new in the field, as well as what they wish employers and workers better understood about these devices.
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Trends in ... respiratory protection

‘What is cost compared to a life?’
“Millions of workers are required to wear respirators in various workplaces throughout the United States,” OSHA states, adding that compliance with the Respiratory Protection Standard (1910.134) “could avert hundreds of deaths and thousands of illnesses annually.”
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Do’s and don’ts of extension ladders

Extension ladders typically have two sections that use brackets or guides to make them adjustable, allowing workers to perform tasks at various heights. However, the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety warns, extension ladders are not self-supporting and require “a stable structure that can withstand the intended load.”
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Trends in ... lone workers/wearables

‘The power to transform an organization’s safety program’
“Monitoring workers remotely can save lives through improved emergency response times,” said Christopher Munnelly, director of connected worker for Charlotte, NC-based Honeywell. “In industrial environments, initiating a quick response in seconds or minutes can be critical to the success of a rescue mission.”
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Trends in ... eye protection

More than 2,000 people experience a work-related eye injury each day in the United States, and about 1 out of 10 of these injuries require at least one day away from work, according to Prevent Blindness, a volunteer eye health and safety organization dedicated to fighting blindness and saving sight.

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