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Young, Hispanic construction workers at higher risk of injury: report

NIOSH report

Photo: American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE)

Washington – Hispanic immigrants who work for small construction firms are among the most at risk of being injured on the job, according to NIOSH and the American Society of Safety Engineers.

A joint report released May 6 identifies Hispanic immigrants, small-business employees and young workers as the three groups that, separately, have an increased risk of adverse work-related health outcomes. When the three groups overlap, workers face increased risk of injury, the report states.

For example, small employers are more likely to hire young workers, who are at a greater risk of injury, and a young immigrant worker may fear deportation for reporting unsafe conditions. Further, small employers make up about 90 percent of all construction firms, and the construction industry has the most number of on-the-job deaths, ASSE stated in a press release.

Recommendations in the report include instructing small-business owners on developing and implementing injury and illness prevention programs, and introducing OSHA training at the community college or high school levels.