Voluntary Protection Programs

OIG auditing 3 OSHA programs to gauge impact, effectiveness


Washington – The Department of Labor Office of Inspector General is currently conducting audits of three OSHA programs, with two other audits planned, OIG stated in its semiannual report to Congress.

The report, released May 28, details the discretionary and mandatory audits planned for fiscal year 2015, which ends Sept. 30. The three OSHA audits currently in progress are:

  • Whistleblower Protection Programs – To determine if OSHA conducts sufficient and timely investigations, and adequately communicates violations to the directorate of enforcement
  • National and Local Emphasis Programs – To determine the extent that results from enforcement program are analyzed and used to make an impact on working conditions in targeted high-hazard industries
  • Voluntary Protection Programs – To determine if OSHA has implemented effective processes to follow up on worker fatalities and catastrophes experienced by VPP participants

“OIG remains concerned with OSHA’s ability to best target its compliance activities to those areas where they can have the greatest impact,” the report states. “We are also concerned with OSHA’s ability to measure the impact of its policies and programs.”

Other planned audits would determine if OSHA properly conducts inspections and enforcement measures at DOL-owned Job Corps centers, and whether OSHA conducts timely abatement verification.