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Safety videos aimed at hotel housekeeping staff

hotel maid

Photo: Andrea Chu/Photodisc/Thinkstock

Richmond, British Columbia – New videos from WorkSafeBC show best work practices for hotel housekeeping workers to prevent injuries while cleaning bathrooms, dusting, making beds and more.

The seven videos, released in May, are all less than two minutes long. Other topics include vacuuming, wringing liquid out of cloths and emptying garbage cans.

Safe procedures allow housekeeping workers to avoid injuries – particularly to the back, knees and shoulders – that can occur from a single incident or from years of work, the introductory video states. The video about making beds, for example, advises workers to bend their knees instead of their backs, put bedding in a bin rather than on the floor, and avoid overextending.

More than half of injuries in the accommodation industry affect housekeeping workers, also known as room attendants, according to WorkSafeBC.